Vaporizer Based Pun Title

Posted on September 7, 2018

vaporizer tank manuals suggest that you should completely clean out one flavour of liquid before putting in a new one.

there are probably some jolly solid reasons for suggesting this, but in the name of being pretentious im going to throw that advice out the window and mix thos mfers together

sort of.

my preferred solution is to wait until the tank is almost empty, then just refill it.

no mixing or anything, just one flavour, a weird mix of the two, and the new one.

sorta like the border inbetween the flavours of neopolitan ice cream.

except because this is a liquid, they sort of mix together slightly creating a smooth transition between the two.

and that gets me onto the next reason:


the media drills into us that our lives, our problems, are episodic in nature. discreet occurances that are containerised off from each other.

you have a problem, you fix it, repeat next week.

we view our lives as series of distinct things, like episodes or plot arcs, like they aren’t all entangled in a way that would make you a god if you could untangle.

i do not believe this is true

our lives are a constant shift of emotions and experiences, at any one time you are being affected by any number of links to these “episodic occurances”, no matter how small.

mixing vape juice to get a slow but noticable transition from one to the other reminds me to keep on trucking.

life will change, no matter how things seem to stick.

its important to think positive, because you can’t just wait till next saturday morning and change your headspace completely.

and above all…

im lazy and cbf cleaning out the tank properly