Two Dreams I Had

Posted on August 29, 2018

i had a dream last night that i remembered and wrote down to a friend just as i woke up. it reminded me of a similar dream i had that i also sent to said friend.

for those of you who like to psychoanalyse me (two in mind) and those of you who like hearing about dreams (one in mind), this post is for you.

dream one

this dream happened a while ago but really stuck with me.

the setting of this dream was much the same as our own world, no special powers and no magic or anything, just our regularly everyday world, save for one change.

this change is difficult to fully put across because its odd but i’ll try anyway.

in this world, burgers are used both as food, and as the main medium of chatting online with people, that is to say, the process of chatting online somehow requires and consumes burgers, and so people buy burgers both to eat - as that is still a food people like - and also to fuel their online chats, if they’re that way inclined.

so im at the mall in my local town with my friend, and we’re at the food court lining up at burger king (hungry jacks for you aussies). he is in front of me and orders a whopping (pun intended) five burgers, and as the lady is asking him which flavour he wants each to be, when he gets to the last one he says “give that one to tA, so he can chat with ladies online” and then turned around and gave me a smile.

it was a nice dream.

dream two

this dream happened tonight, and reminded me of the last so i immediately sent it to my friend so he’d get a laugh out of it.

this dream was set in the world of “The Matrix”, which is odd because its been at least three years since i last watched the matrix. in this world i was sitting in the scene of choosing the red or blue pill, with the rest of the crew standing around like in the movie, but instead of choosing and subsequently eating a red or blue pill, i was given two pieces of toast and had to write a message on each with butter. one piece of toast was the “red pill” and the other the “blue pill”, however they looked identical, im unsure how i knew which was which, but it was fairly obvious at the time.

the red toast message felt like it should be a wish or some happy truth that i did not possess currently. on this piece of toast i took my knife and drew a picture of a rocket and wrote “Home” below. the crew liked this.

the blue toast message felt like it should be something sad, or holding me back, or some truth i possessed but wish i did not. i began to write an “A” on this piece and then my alarm went off and i woke up.

i do not know what i was going to write.

short post but hopefully entertaining. please psychoanalyse till your hearts content.

lets all love lain.