A Thought About Thought

Posted on May 27, 2019

regardless of all other factors, our minds define who we are, our true identity

the thing behind everything

how can we hope to understand the limits of our minds without first undingstanding what our mind is

according to physics our entire world is deterministic, if someone knew the initial state of every atom in the universe, they could apply physics to all the particles to figure out how theyll react to bumping into each other and slowly…

very slowly…

theyll progress through all time with a perfect model of literally everything ever

thats pretty fuarken overwhelming.

what about us?

the more or less of it is that all of our choices and even our complete mental state is the result of some function, no choice at all.

were all just robots on rails following a predetermined path

buuut also maybe not, who knows.

maybe the quarks really are rng that wont fuck me true rng, and were characters in a much shittier to live in game of dnd, played by azathoth really azathoth im telling you its azathoth noone

maybe theres cool stuff that exists in the sense that it has a physical result in our reality somehow, maybe even just bumping a particle, but doesnt have any physical presence, and thus we cant ever detect it outside of observing those impacts

hell that could even be the thing that moves the quarks

hey thatd be pretty cool

yeah wed all just be our souls or conscious or whatever playing dnd with our mates but also playing in a crappy dnd setting (outside of all of you cool friends out there, lain remembers you) for whatever reason and now our physical selves have to deal with it

what a dick

thats all folks this long rambling intro story has come to a close.

rocks fall, ACKs stop, NAK NAK NAK

tA we get it youre a homestuck fan

oh fucc


so i had a thought about where our thoughts come from that i thought was pretty neat, although probably proven wrong pretty easily by people who have seen all of rick and morty

im sorry pals my torrent legally bought copy of

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was missing one episode, so im forever destined to be a dumbass

what deterministic universe means for us

if our thoughts and decisions are all accounted for by physics, deterministically, then the key is that our thoughts exist as a function of the changes in our brains physical state

our determininistic thoughts are all basically a side effect of existing in the fourth dimension

maybe we could learn to exist in that layer alone, the one that exists in the changes and shape of time, how everythings changing

if we could somehow exist, the entirety of our mind, in this layer that is the sole thing we were missing in order to not be still, thoughtless snapshots, then thatd be pretty cool

we could all live forever without fear of decaying away or dying or anything

if our current thoughts are all deterministic, we could learn to encode them into this layer, and upload them so to speak

a true ascension

what about thought?

theres a few thoughts about this

  • the way time moves us is still determininistic
  • its not :shrug:

if its deterministic still that could be bad, wed still have no free will, and we could never die, but itd still be cooler than where we are now i think (ironically)

the worst would be that we cant function properly with the “programming” we have, without the appropriate enviroment, and we all become basically brain dead without input, and retreat away into the smallest mind anything could possibly have


buuuut maybe the flow of time is influenced by those cool quarks too and were now in tgs favourite…

Free Form Roleplay, Roleplay

meta right? maybe people could get to choose, and wed all be gods that create realities and program ourselves into certain situations to see how it plays out

good on them thats pretty rad actually

hell we could be in one of those now

maybe we actually do have true free will, and its just something we havent found the reason for yet


thought it was a neat thought, being able to exist solely on that dimension that gives us thought, at least in a physics-esque world

at the very least it would make a cool setting for a story

:if my blogs bad its because of the quarks i cant help it haha: