Things I Like

Posted on August 17, 2018

howdy one and all, to my inaugural post.
what follows is a list of potentially somewhat obscure feelings, that instill a subtle, non-zero amount of joy in me, without reaching levels for me to register them as good feelings.

without further ado:

lowercase letters

much, i imagine, to the disgust of my english teacher mother, i really enjoy writing entirely in lowercase when i can. i believe it started on irc as a homestuck style (yet subtle enough to not give away being trash) quirk for some sense of identity that was seperate to having an actual personality.

using the (y) emoji outside of facebook

on facebook, using (y) will produce a thumbs up emoji that is different to the current readily and easily avaliable one, so already it’s pretty nice. theres something completely different about using it outside of facebook. i once met someone on discord who did the same thing. i have not talked to them since, nor can i remember their name, but i consider them a friend in the same way i consider anyone who uses dvorak a friend

the jazzy bit in the middle of Fluff’s Travels by Phish

shouldn’t really need an explanation, Fluffhead // Fluff’s Travels is such a good two piece and the jazz bit is the best part.

the following dialog from “The Point (1971)”

“if everything has a point, then i must have one too”
“he’s got a point there!”

swatch internet time in my shell prompt

one day there’ll be enough of us to make swatch beats a standard, until then i’ll just await the day my pebble battery dies and i have to go back to a normal watch

people you know not noticing you in public

all the upsides of being a social person and realising you know a lot more people than you think you do, but with none of the downsides of actually having to talk to people and take your headphones off

half-assed projects

…of which this post is included. one day i’ll finish something and maintain it, but until then theres something comfy about looking into ~/projects and finding about seven variations on ta_sdl_game_engine dating back to highschool

hopefully you enjoyed these half assed ramblings. until next time, peace out, ima’ bounce, and carry on my dudes.xvid.h264.mkv