The Weirdo Swarm

Posted on August 25, 2018

another day of the same old same old. “you just don’t understand”, “that isn’t normal”, “why are you so weird?”…

after a while you learn to drown it out.

but have they ever tried to figure out how we think? to do what they claim to be experts at, do what they claim we lack, have they looked into our heads and understood the connections that make up who we are?


they can try.

they can try and they will fail, because our heads are different, unique, obscure. our heads are built from layers and layers of self applied abstraction, and there is no stopping that.

our brains are not normal.

they are weird.

we have no need for politics, for drama, for the workings of the world, there is a much greater battle for us to figure out.

the battle for ourselves, for the ones close to us, the battle to figure out how normal people think.

more oft than not, a losing battle.

we are observers, we drift on the outside of society, watching, following, but never participating.

because society is not for us.

the best we can do is live our own microcosms, our own limited, self centred society.

a society of one.

what do the following have in common?

  • the boy that sits in his room speaking logic into reality
  • the girl that can see auras and can feel crystals
  • the boy that obsesses over his hobby to the point of concern

the answer is simple, they play life by different rules to normal people.

but thats okay. we’ve learnt our rules - slowly, and oft painfully, but we have.

we’ll never stop learning, we’ll never stop trying.

we are the weirdos, and this is our manifesto