Tech Giants Rule the World

Posted on January 29, 2019

if i have seen further than other men, it is because im standing on the shoulders of giants

the problem with giants, is that once we are on their shoulders we lose control of where we want to be.

the problem with giants, is that once on their shoulders, any fall is fatal.

the problem with giants, is that we now rely on them having similar ideals to our own.

the problem with giants, is that they dont.

the new world order

the new world is already here. forget reptiles, forget the one percent, our world is ruled by giants.

amazon, microsoft, apple, google, facebook. the five overlords that have complete and undeterred control over every aspect of human life.

these are giants amongst giants. entire civilisations stand on their shoulders, societies that cannot imagine a life without these wandering giants.

these are giants that would rather be gods. they no longer care for aiding the advancement of ourselves, only for the number of followers they can amass.

no gods, no masters

what is a human to a god? nothing, but also, everything

a giant without followers is still a giant.

a god without belief does not exist.

these self-appointed dieties would not and could not survive without the cities on their backs, all it would take is an exodus and we could be free.

however, as i look around, and see our society with its head in the clouds, i wonder.

perhaps we couldn’t survive the fall.

anyone can see far on the shoulder of a giant. it takes a unique mind to be able to look down.