Posted on March 3, 2021

and you don’t seem to understand…

present day, present time, and a much more hostile than before world to try and leave my mark on.

amidst living in a soul crushing neolib nightmare world, the feelings of a rage against the machine swell high. simple, it would be, to mistake this as anger against all machines, to fall victim to the media and wish not for anarchy, but for chaos and lawlessness.

and simply not the abolishment of social laws, the removal of all rules as determined collectively (or allegedly collectively, as in our current machine), but those of physics too, perhaps further, the abolishment of those laws of logic result in the lambda calculus being discovered and rediscovered time and time again as if the purest form of DMT hallucination between ancient shamans and urban stoner kids.

step forward once again and we may disolve the idea of the laws that result in that discovery. by refusing the very law of our ability to make substitutions, to create sympathy magic and assign some proverbial link between two entities, real or imagined. to defeat time itself.

this however, is not anarchy proper, this is a reactionary fever dream masquerading as a vision, fueled by propoganda about those who wish for destruction and chaos.

and without these tainted connotations, we instead find something beautiful. not the target of rage, but an intricate idea more powerful than any other.

we arrive upon systems.

lo ka ciste

and all the things you hold so dear…

in times where the macro is unweildy and impossible, we can find solace in the micro.

a system, a collection of anything that can even in some part be abstracted as stuff, and rules for how they will interact, or change form, or be interacted with, or any other number of words as long as they can be made into some new collection of stuff.

the beauty of a logical system is not in some vain notion of one truth above all else - some arbitrary feeling that facts trump feelings in all cases, that by argument to authority of that supreme, singularly defined overlord of capital ‘l’ logic, the divine truth may be revealed.

rather, the beauty of logical systems is that there are infinitely many, that one may invent on the spot a logical system, creating its being by the simple act of acknowledging it through thought.

one can appreciate them as an art form, as something wholely unique in its representation, and that regardless of its ability to be embedded in other logics, the representation is what gives a system its character, unique from all other representations. it inspires ways of interaction, whether directly or just in observation, that other representations may not.

specter in the system

a logical system is the definitive experience in having control. it is a plaything of pure interaction, one where every single ability one has can be known, whether infinite or finite, whether deterministic or not. the very act of a system being completely defined allows us as individuals to experience the act of true freedom in the context of the self contained universe that is a logical system.

in the context of no users, a system acts as a process to be marvelled at, as analogous to a piece of moving art, to a flower blooming or a tower of cards tumbling down. in showing that amongst all percieved chaos, there can be order.

in the context of a single user, a system acts as a puzzle, as a means of expression, as a rubiks cube of infinite possibility, as an exercise in analysis. interacting with a logical system can be a zen garden of the mind, it can be a method of meditation, or of exploration. interacting with a system is an explicit act of defining the self, of proof that we are able to have an effect on this reality, if even solely in thought.

in the context of two users, a system acts as a perfect equalizer, as a method of compitition in which two users are truly equal in all but their ability to prioritise certain interactions. no amount of physical, social, cultural or any number of other differences can take action other than those the system has been designed to test, or compliment (in the case of lo ka na jivna) their differences to explore this system in however their heart desires. interacting with a system with another is the purest form of discovering anothers soul, an intimate exercise in which there is a perfect metric to discover the intricacies of how one thinks, and an important method of introspection, discovering how oneself interacts with others, and a mirror for seeing the oneself that exists within the otherself - shown by their interactions in anticipation of your own.

in the context of more than two users, a system acts as a humbling entity. a proof that in many cases we as an individual have less than majority or equal influence on the places and realities we inhabit. it is proof of mutual aid, proof hat we can and must work together in order to further our own goals in a system where many others too have the power to alter it. it is a stark realisation that the specific systems we are part of can favour strategies and means of manipulation, and that specific systems can drift towards certain accumulations or outcomes, inevitably.

anywhere can be paradise

and you know what they say may hurt you…

in a harsh world, we can all take solace in appreciation of a good system. we can relish in the accumulation of knowledge of any system we desire, we can meet in equal competition in our card game of choice.

we can theorise how to make this world fairer for everyone.

we can watch the clouds and appreciate their form, perhaps despite our knowledge of their formation, or perhaps because of it.

at times when we are forced to use systems we may hate, we can instead appreciate the unique qualities they give (except for Javascript which has none).

in a world of ever increasing commodification, we can dream of beauty in the free, in the libre, in the realm of pure thought.