String Theory

Posted on November 21, 2019

string can be used to achieve action over a distance. you can pull on a string to perform some actionable result without needing to be within proximity to the object in question.

this is a useful property, and for all intents and purposes should scale.

many a string inside this thing

theres a small thing inside some head, and it has the ends to all these lengths of string, actioning on parts of the brain to produce output and thoughts and feelings that match what it wishes to express.

the problems come when those strings get muddled, and mixed, and knotted.

and all of a sudden, nothing maps how this thing expects it to anymore. it pulls on a string and expects one thing but any number of other things happen

this ship is out of sync

and in this confusion more strings get muddled, and it takes time to unmuddle them, and some times things get so muddled that its formidable just thinking about untangling it all.

and sometimes things are mixed such that you dont realise theyre tangled, theyre linked up in unapparent ways that only surface days or weeks or months down the line.

and sometimes its easy to get complacent, and forget to constantly untangle strings and end up worse than you were before.

the gordian knot on its thougts

there is a zen to untangling strings. there is an aura of contentness to making an effort to slowly but surely free these strings.

it doesnt look impressive, it feels lazy, and wasteful, and burdonsome.

but its a noble pursuit, and its less frightening than that gordian knot requiring a blade.