Social Deprivation Bubble

Posted on July 1, 2019

if youre a hoopy frood who always knows where their headphones are then in my book youre all set to go out into the big bad world and interact with some strangers “interact” with some strangers!

noggin telecommunicators

everyone should own a pair of really nice and comfy headphones, the more wires the better because as we all know

wires in fashion are cyb as hell ~ gucci or someone probably

there was a time in my life where i wore the cheapest ear buds i could find and listened to music i ripped off of youtube or found on limewire through a barrage of bill clintons telling me he did not have sexual relations with that woman, but he did get tonnes of free tech soykaf from some website.

nowadays we’ve got only the most freedom respecting flacs, a neato pocket amp, and some nice sennys to pad everything out.

living the dream.


theres something very calming about being a pseudo observer in life, about being someone on the outside, away from the centre of attention, and being able to go about your day without having to involve anyone else unless you want to.

headphones are beautiful because you can turn those fuarkers up super loud and basically drown out not only everyone, but the sound of the cars and your footsteps and anything else you need to not think about.

but wait! theres more!

you dont even have to have them super loud, if you just have them on thats enough to get people to leave you alone, plus if youre a cool hacker type you can even listen to peoples conversations when they think you cant hear and pull off leet hacks and feel like a god do nothing with that info but enjoy the fantasy nonetheless.

musical magicks

and to top it all off, music really is a modern day form of magick.

if you can get into this $(postTitle), or perhaps you’d call it a headphone bubble since its easier to say and doesnt require you to verbate non-alphabet characters, then youre actually up to the hardest task yet.

actually choosing what music to listen to

it will affect your entire day, every decision you make will be influenced by the music you chose to listen to that morning.

you can change your world for the better, or worse, or whatever you decide, as long as you choose the correct music, your mindset will be affected, which will affect the wider world through its actions, which is literally affecting reality based on your thoughts which is quite literally magic.

blah blah

the point here is that headphone bubbles are super comfy, and everyone should enjoy them as much as they can because:

  • social interaction is really hard
  • music is really cool
  • it makes everything else in your day feel nicer

so get a nice pair of headphones, grab some nice, non-streamed files, and go nuts everyone.