Snippety Snappety

Posted on August 5, 2019

you broke the nappety!

its monday and that means rant time.

what are we ranting about today? easy

theres too much cool soykaf we could do in this world, that we cant.

why not? well uhhhhhh

people are falling prey to artificial tribalism put in place by the powers that be

or as we in the business like to say, people are too busy being dickheads to each other for no reason

tf is the nappety?

the (N)on (A)ggresion (P)rinciple basically says “Im only gonna be a cunt if other people are dickheads to me first”, which is bad but also sorta good I guess.

it comes from the Anarcho Capitalism philosophy, which as something of an AnCom myself i cant agree with fully, but hey, im not gonna turn down not being dicks to people.

under the NAP, if nobody is a dick, then everyone will be nice to each other by principle, and theoretically, any transgressions would be both deserved, and repurcussions would be no more and no less than what is deserved back.

obviously this doesnt quite work too well because…..

zankoku na tenshi no teze

the iterated prisoners dilemma is probably the most socially important problem we have, and if we were able to ‘solve’ it we could do so much awesome soykaf its not even funny.

literally every cool idea we come up with falls down when people say

yeah but people will just try to kill each other and then we’re back at square one

and thats really sad honestly.

all we’d need so for everyone to realise that we can solve all these problems by just always cooperating ie, dont be a dick to people, its that simple

life quality

imagine how much time people would have to better themselves slash learn things slash get fit slash expand their mind slash do whatever the fuark they wanna, if we as a society fully embraced automation

how many people out there are stuck working, spending half their lives in socially acceptable slavery doing jobs that we could have a computer do, simply because no-one is willing to change our economic system because otherwise people start killing each other.

imagine the power structures we could abolish, using the full extent of our technological advancement, if people could just work together.

they dont even need to work together, they just need to mind their own business and not harm other people

imagine a world where people could be fully self governing, a world where people are truly equal, and any technological advancements would actually help better peoples lives, instead of primarily being a vehicle to line the creators pockets and exploit money out of the everyperson.

whats your point?

as a wise, wise rock man once said

you don’t have to have a point, to have a point!

but luckily, my points can be somed up as follows;

people should both, be excellent to each other, and, party on dudes!

by which of course i mean;

follow the golden rule of ‘dont be a dickhead to people’, give people the benefit of the doubt, realise they’ll have their own justifications and set of importances influencing their decision, and find ways to work together so that we can live in an actual civilised society, rather than this faux zoo where people are all one news article away from stabbing each other.

and also

be the change you want to see in the world! it doesnt matter how much of an impact you think you’ll have, if you can live your life by your own ethos its both;

  • better for your own psyche
  • better for everyone else

and if you can convince even just two people of your ethos, then you’re already doing better than you need to be at changing the world, thats all it takes.