Posted on October 23, 2019

he leaves a trail of slime~

every morning for the last few weeks, i wake up, go to head out the door, and see a trail of slime.

the slugs are back.

some might be annoyed at this, glistening trails fuarking up the aesthetics of the carpet, but not me.

in small part because the flat is trash, and thus slime on the carpet isn’t doing a thing to ruin the look of the carpet, in the same way that dents on a gaming computer dont actually ruin the already rock bottom appeal.


what do we have instead? a record of some lil-duders adventures each night.

sometimes they go for ages, snaking all around, under the doors, over the bins.

sometimes they even make it up the first stair.

as far as i can tell they always make it back outside again, but i could be wrong.

every morning i get to look forward to seeing how well the slugs have done, see how good they were, hope they got a little further.


isnt a thing. some days these slugs dont go as far, some days theres hardly any trail, or no trail at all.

im still proud of them though, they’re probably doing something else neat.

and if they arent?

well i still remember the cool trails, the ones theyd be proud of.

it doesnt suddenly make those trails stop existing


i am no slug doctor, let that be known.

and to be perfectly honest, i dont even know if this is something that slugs do, maybe its snails or some weird bug or a kid playing a prank on us?

who knows, but id like to think its these slugs who for some reason want to draw cool patterns on my shitty flat carpet, and kudos to them.