Sing It For The World

Posted on July 30, 2019

i believe identity and personality to be subtly different things, and it seems far to easy to focus on one at the expense of the other.

an imbalance in care for this pair, imo, can cause a lot of the ol’ depresso in a person, so regardless of your thoughts on the merit of either, i think its important to at least try and respect each of them.


this one is the one i cultivate the most, your identity is the sum of the things you like, the things you practice (including what you choose not to practice), the things you asscosciate with, and the things you do.

its also about a hundred other things but honestly the concept of identity is like the concept of someone being good at a fighting game, anyone who claims to actually understand it is lying, a god, or both.


personality is the expression of your identity, its what you talk about, how often you talk, your responses to things, and how things make you feel

its also the sum of the personality of every perception of you anyone has, making the real you - as opposed to the physical representation of you - some sort of ever mutating figure of slightly differing personalities as if it was the axis one of your dimensions was based on.

the balance

identity without personality is the mental equivilent of being a hermit, or a loner.

personality without identity is the mental equivilent of fast food, or watching gordon ramsey videos on youtube, its expression without substance

in my opinion, its a lot easier to neglect personality than identity, the problem arises when it gets to the point that you worry your identity is no longer being represented in reality

im too smol brained to write a lot more about this, but i hope it will at least get some people thinking about trying to up their personality a bit

get out there, talk to people about things you wanna talk about but arent sure if they want to.

boycott the things you feel you should, take up the things you think you should

constantly ask yourself;

what would i do in this situation

and then just do it, to the best of your ability, and if thats not enough, either find something else, or work on upping your ability to achieve the you that youd like to be

just bee yourself, all of that junk, but for real, actually have a think about how often you find a sort of impedence mismatch between how you feel you should be fronting, and how you actually are.

use your voice, every single time you open up your mouth