Social Experiments (bill)Lian

Posted on August 24, 2018

it has been eight long, hard, years since the collapse of society. eight years since the Count’s rise to power, eight years since i’ve felt that life is worth living. the only thing getting me through each day is the faint hope that my existence is somehow spiting him.

i do not believe i will be spiting him much longer.

i wake up to the bell tolling, a daily occurence, signifying the lucky masses who have succumbed to their starvation. one day we will all be reduced to bell tolls. after cutting yet another hole in my belt i get ready to work for the Count’s Universal Negligence Termination Society, one of the several government mandated asscoiations. my job is to investigate members of society who are thinking wrongly and pose a potential danger to the way of the Count.

if i do not do my job correctly, i may be the next investigated.

its the same everyday. the same people, the same “criminals”, nothing but regular people who, before the fall, would have been considered some of their fields top minds. some of the thinkers and innovators.

but not anymore.

the interview is going normally, but my mind isn’t where it should be. my mind is trying with every ounce of power it has left to not faint. there is bordering zero nutrience in my body, and i fear im not strong enough. suddenly the door opens, with many guards burting through.

followed by the Count.

the evil that has ruined the once passable society we had. the dictator that is personally responsible for the starvation and death of most of the people i once called friends.

the Count.

before i can acknowledge his presence the last iota of energy i have leaves, and with it, my ability to stand. i fall to my knees and grasp at my stomach.

the Count comes close, leans in and says to me

My dear subject, what has you under the weather? Surely you are not tired this early in the day?

i cannot reply, i cannot move, everything goes black.

i awake in a hospital, a clean, white hospital reminscient of before the fall. i see the Count, once a dear friend of mine, dressed in what once passed for casual clothing. my broken mind cannot make sense of this. i struggle to process any of the words in my head.

the Count speaks.

It was just a social experiment bro! Haha gottem

i chuckle, and chuckle, and chuckle once more, and that is the last thing i do.

it all goes black, forever.