Seasons Beatings

Posted on December 30, 2018

DISCLAIMER: the beatings refer to how vigorously im gonna beat my meat about how cool my friends are

DISCLAIMER: gonna be a short post

so another years down, and tbh i had a pretty neato year in some aspects.

the main aspect of that was i spent a lot more time with one of my best friends lunarised, as well as made another new friend mouse_ears.

cool shit

we did a lot of cool shit this year, and that sorta shit is what gets you through the hard times.

work was a little tough, and life was a little tough, but thanks to mouse_ears, and lunar specifically, i made it through.

no matter what good things happened this year, my main memory is gonna be sitting at starcucks doing unixy shite, and sitting at the gardens smoking with my buds

(and also lunar playing duvet on guitar)

the future

im hoping to get some weekly tabletop roleplaying games in next year, and no matter what i think that’ll be a lot of fun and a good way to get everyone to meet up.

im also, in under 24 hours, moving into me and lunars new flat, something ive been waiting all year for

jazhaus is its name and being the sickest shit this side of richard o’keefe’s house is its game.

peaco outto

chur tu meke to my mate lunar, and all my other mates, for the great year.