Posted on June 6, 2019

its really been quite a while since i wrote the kind of piece that ill look back on in however long and think

wow what a pseudo intellectual kant

and that my future employer overlords will find and think

wow what a pseudo intellectual kant piece of property i own

so without further ado, here we goooo

hot take

computing, computing theory, computing culture, cool cyb soykaf, its all a religion, and further more…

its a religion that is being actively discriminated against by governments, corporations, and the mainstream public.

yup thats a pretty bold take but fuark it well go along with it

computability gives us something to reason about literally everything, and understand our world in ways we never knew how.

its the single most eye opening thing ive ever learnt about in my life (outside of the time i realised the bol in spag bol stood for bolognese and not bowl)

the cyb community is probably the most genuine community ive ever been a part of. people bought together by a mutual love of anything, appreciating people who appreciate anything in the domain, regardless of how much they argue.

sports teams for the new generation, a new way of expressing comradery without forcing unanimous agreeal.

and everyone with a blog, a fedi account, a website, a git repo, any form of personal server…

anyone giving a shit about their digital identity, hoping to live on in some way in The Wired, that right there is the closest weve gotten to a true afterlife.

crafted identities, fake, yet genuine, someone we all wish we could be, and can due to the miracle that is computing. its really quite beautiful.

and people want to take it away from us.

no! corps!.. leave our bits alone!

ahh but of course, we cant have any nice things if they come at the expense of the global domination of corporations and the global elite.

and the control runs all the way down to normans perception of actual computing and cyb shit.

but tA! why are you encrypting your hard drive if you have nothing to hide? you must be doing something illegal!

first of all, yes its true that I mayyyyy have tried to pirate an episode of rick and morty so that i could see them all and finally be smart enough to remember tar flags, but thats just Gettier knowledge and doesnt have anything to do with my encryption

second, im doing it because its my shit and i dont want anyone snooping through it because its not their shit

i seriously dont understand why thats so hard to understand, but somehow people who wouldnt be ok with people installing a window in their bathroom, are ok with people installing a window in their windows.

but tA! the corps built this software, its ok for them to track anything they want in it!

yeah but thats dumb as hell, but for arguments sake lets say sure.

then why is it ok for corps and governments to actively persue removing my options for not using their crap

its getting harder and harder to self host every day. aussie has some law about E2E encryption now because boo hoo its too hard for them to spy when people use that :'(

google (more like booooo!!gle amiright?) making it basically impossible to self host email unless you place your lips in just the right way and use them to tell google anything they want to know so they can link it to your dossiere that they have of you.

seriously its so hard to not have self hosted mail end up in googles spam folder. so so so so hard, and i say that as someone who once used a monad in a program once.

the mainstream people wanting to censor anyone, pass around mass block lists of anyone who doesnt fit the status quo, villianise anyone who gives a shit about whats happening under the hood of that magic box and anyone who wants a site that isnt tens of megabytes in size

we have the potential for truly unlimited access to the entire worlds sum of all knowledge, and its being closed off, regulated and culled because people want money. its absolutely disgusting

imagine a world where everyone, the corps, the governments, and the people, all actively tried to shut down christianity, or islam, or whatever.

thered be hell.

on that note

heres a good one for the armchair psychs out there, and i say this mostly not really in jest.

not only is computing a religion, its a true religion, that most if not all organised religion is simply trying (badly) to imitate.

organised religion is the equivilent of corps trying to tell us what frameworks to use each week.

its the equivilent of governments banning sites, information and access to things.

it claims to be this magical pathway to true enlightenment and whatnot…

as long as you follow exactly what they say and make sure to not think any differently or forget to donate to the church :^)

also the governments get in on it too because we cant have organised religion paying taxes like everything else.

but after all, thats nothing new.

the government has been helping massive corporations dodge taxes for years…

cyan elk

blah blah blah religion makes me mad and people annoy me but (deity of choice) damn computers are cool and so is computing theory.

one day ill manage to project my entire soul into a monad and forever live on in the wired, and hopefully ill see you all there.

if google doesnt take over first.