Radio 050.3

Posted on March 23, 2019

title disclaimer: i started this on march fifth, but only finished it at the published date

incoming transition

i had a real comfy moment pals, it was a cool tech thing, a neat wired thing, and involved a really cool pal of mine.

feelings are hard to describe, if they were easier we might have a lot less conflict in this world, but im gonna do my best to describe it all for ya.

comfy setup

so id just recently redone my desk and computer setup to be clean, uncluttered, and mainly feature my t420 on its dock, which was super super comfy and also let me see how good nixos is for desktop use

disclaimer: its awesome

part of this setup was a raspberry pi (named speedwagon) which acted as our flats reverse proxy, and lead to ssh for this setup

my pal

is awesome, but the relevent detail here is they do a segment on their uni radio show about psych rock, which is one of the things we have in common.

unfortunetaly, this show runs while im at work, and the sites archives are borked at the moment (poor it guy :(

but now, i could ssh in at work, and rip the stream, so i gave that a go

long calcs

theres something very comfy about long calculations. when you first started programming and nothing you did was efficient, and youd make some maths thing, and then let it run overnight on a huge number just to see what it said.

the answer didnt matter to you, you had no idea if it was correct and you couldnt be bothered checking it, but just that excitement of seeing the results of something that had been away chugging all night was really comfy.

i had a similar feeling here, having the stream ripping to a file on a hard drive in my physical possesion, and then having to wait till i was home again to listen and check it had worked properly.

the scene

so i got home at sat at the very setup i was sshed into, and played the file, and it had worked pretty well!

then i heard my pal telling the story of her mate in nz that was trying to record the show, and said that if i was listening, the next song was for me, then played one of my favourite songs at the time


it was a really comfy time, hearing the results of that experiment, successfully, on the very setup my pal had mentioned in what i was listening to.

its one of those moments, that successful transmission. it really stuck with me, and im glad it happened.

(sorry for the crappy run on sentences)