Post Orifice

Posted on October 15, 2018


im fuarking angry. this is going to be a hate filled post. you have been warned. no wholesomeness here.


i hate the post office

so so so so so so so so so much.

lets get the setting sorted out here.

i live in a flat with about ten other people. they’re all dicks. they WILL NOT SIGN FOR ANY PACKAGE THAT IS NOT THEIRS.

i work 9-5 so i miss every single package delivery.

no worries you think, just take the little slip and go to the post office and grab ur shitty meme tshirt you ordered?

so lets talk about that.

the hours are fuarking dumb

the post office is open from like, 7 till 1.

the only way i can make those hours on a weekday is if i get up at like fuarking 6 and walk there before work and then walk all the way back to my house. im not a morning person so that sucks ass.

no worries you think, just go on a weekend?

they’re not reliable

i did that over the weekend and the postie people hadnt showed up that day so my package wasn’t there. one day wasted, you think, so what? just try again tomorrow.

listen here fuckface.

the days are fuarking dumb.

they are not open on sunday.

at. all.

enough fuarking said.

just go the next week?

no. i basically have one day a week i can check to get the package. if they’ve fucked up or i don’t wake up till 12 then im fuarked. so yeah i’ll go the next week… if i can.

they don’t give a shit.

they give you two weeks. two weeks and then they send it back to the sender.

shipping to nz costs roughly several hundred dollars. fuark. you. postal service. do not send my shit back to america for fucks sake.

just ask to not get it signed?

i have. they won’t let me.

final thoughts

i have nothing but rage for the postal service. fuck you and everything you stand for. i truly truly truly hate you. i feel no remorse. die.

uh oh! nobody was home to sign! please come to your local postal office where we will tell you to go fuck yourself. have a nice day!