The Poets System

Posted on June 1, 2019

i read an article talking about the three types of programmers (you can read it here and it got me thinking (as a pretty staunch poet tribalist)

/me puts a dollarydoo in the "talking about urbit" jar

were talking about urbit!

the poets system

urbit is the operating system for the poets, its nice, its clean, its esoteric elegant, and most of all, its

fizzityucking rad as shit

but why so?


actually running your code is just an implementation detail, and thankfully for all us lazy people bad programmers theory enthusiasts tlon seems to think the same way.

how so? well the entire os is just a lisp enviroment essentially, and everything that isnt nice has been mashed into a monad a tree thing, with every single part of the system using that tree.

no more million different places to do anything, no more hundred different init systems, no more conf_init(8)(42)(69)(1337) and bash environment variables meta programming and storage system.

just nice, easy to read readable hoon code, throughout everything.

prog system

the worst part about operating systems is that you have to do things in them, luckily for us, every part of the urbit system…

if i may interject for a second, what youre referring to as ‘urbit’ is actually ‘arvo/urbit’, or as ive come to call it, ‘arvo+urbit’

yeah yeah whatever, i bet youre gonna go on about getting blockchain out of your system too because you havent read the docs watched all of brick and mortimer.

the entire system is malleable using the lisp and brainfuck lovechild, hoon.

its incredible, its all the powers of using emacs, with the upside of not having to run emacs.

yeah but what about my shit

oh no i cant live without my openlibframeworkjss of the week, i need all my shit shit

look, youre talking to someone whos having a blast with an os that is literally the joke about emacs being a great os that lacks a decent text editor.

no one actually appreciates an operating system as a, well, system, its all about word size and LDD_LINKER_PROFILE_FLAGs and whatnot.

its all about stuff that doesnt matter like “my system has the native ability to decrement numbers in O(1) time.

its just boring, gimme my fun, poetic system.


in conclusion, urbit is rad, its code is scary awesome, and i hope it takes off, if not for the privacy, if not for the multipass, but just so that us poets have a fun os to talk about.

beeteedubz theres a crypto also called urbit, its not that and we came first.

for more info visit the site