On Religion

Posted on December 2, 2018

thought id touch on a topic that hasnt gotten a huge amount of attention here yet, but is pretty important to chippie culture.

people vultures

lets first and foremost get the brass tacks about our lot.

  • organised religion is a scam

no way around it. organised religion is the meat space equivilent of running the facebook vpn. its the meat space equivilent of saying “i wish i could just get someone else to run and manage my computer for me because i dont want to think.

religion as a means of being nice to people is a dumbass thing. you don’t need religion to be nice to people, if you do you’re probably a psychopath.

religion as a way of having faith in an afterlife as a means of deterring crime and unsavoury behaviour is a fuarking joke, this is literally saying you have no internal preference to right or wrong without the threat of being sent to a literal eternal punishment

what these people need is not religion, they need serious introspection, it is not religions place to form a reason to be nice to people.

god approaches

to us, the reason for religion is to get a sense of self settle. grounding yourself in a chaotic meatspace where everyone, no matter how self-righteous they act, knows what they’re doing.

we do not follow any specific god, some of us follow the absence of a god, some of us are unsure either way.

mass religion is bonkers, what are the chances that someone elses form of religious expression is the exact fuarking match for what your psych needs.

get out of here with that

final hearing

the real thing about religion and religious thinking is that it does not matter in the slightest. it is a tool. nothing else.

you wouldnt place so much importance on school, people dont usually devote their entire lifes purpose to school, even though, whether you enjoyed it or paid attention or whatever, you learnt a lot about how society and the human condition works.


i probably will never meet god, whether because im just a small human, or because they do not exist.

if i do ill probably go mad, but i dont think thatd be a bad way to go tbh.

if i dont, then at least i had some interesting discussions and thoughts about it.

peace out friendos, mama jaz bless you

kaworu is a friend of mine