Normies Hate Rain

Posted on December 9, 2018

theres so much aesthetic around being out in the rain at night, but that whole premise relies on not many people being there to do it. you know whats this means.


are the ones of us that arent weird. they’re the ones that just don’t get us. thuy’re also normal which means we’re the weird ones and they’re the normality. so that means we’re the weirdos


we’re the sort of fuarks that like standing out in the rain at night and don’t think thats weird. this fantasy relies on there only being a few other people on the streets if any. that puts a very big limit on the number of people who can do that at once.

this means only the weirdos do it, which brings a lower cap onto that number.

this means the fantasy can only be realised when the normies hate it.


they do hate it beeteedubz. you always hear them complaining about the rain when its only raining a little bit, or when its cold but not too cold that you cant go outside. they think its the worst thing in the world to get rained on.

but we dont, so therefore we’re the weirdos, and most importantly. we don’t hate rain.

raindrops keep falling on my <head>