No OwO Zone

Posted on October 4, 2018

rawr means “i wuv u” in dinorawr

i may have actually said that sentence in my life time. i’ll admit it.

i was walking to work the other day and had a thought and so thats what im writing about today

why do people use fuarking owo language so much?

i owo

you owo

he, she, we, owo

the conclusion i came to is, surprise surprise

its quite a childilsh thing to do

now i don’t have anything against being childish. i think holding on to what makes you happy, what many would call being childish, is very important and i embrace that everytime i watch a cartoon or laugh at a fart joke.

but using owo soykaf is childish in a different way, or rather…

using owo language is a bluff at understanding how your emotions work.

you’re in school, you have a significant other, they’re your SO because you both like the same cartoons, and you both think that charlottes a bitch, and thats about it.

you have absolutely zero clue what love is, you have no idea at all

so rather than express emotions through subtle language like someone who is a lot better at understanding emotion than i currently am might, you go with something that in no-way can be misunderstood

rawr xD *nuzzles you* :3

because its obvious isn’t it? and then your SO who is also equally as batshit dumb as you are when it comes to emotions does the same, and you both understand each other and feel happy

is it a bad thing? i don’t think so. its probably good to try and understand as much as you can about how to actually express your emotions subtley, but the end result is that the other person understands, and if you need owo shit for that then whatever handles your jandal

may your asterisks be aplenty and may your love be mutualised.

seeya round pals

owo ouo uou non