Posted on December 4, 2018

i dislike the current way our worlds internet is set up. here is why.


our current setup is something like this:

  • everyone connects through an isp
  • isp connects to everything
  • thats it

it means that governments and tech giants are in control, it means that everyone is either all or nothing connected or not, and its soulless.

there is no sense of community at all.


heres how it would work in my perfect world.

we all are capable of joining and setting up our own networks, wirelessly.

we choose who we want to network with. i open up my network to all my chippie pals - how this happens who knows, maybe point to point sattelites are super cheap in this time, and work over a large distance, idk.

i open up my network to them, and now no matter what happens, we’re in our own network. perhaps through them we’re in a wider network, and so on and so on.

networking through who you want to interact with, thats the real dream.


the best bit about this is that it encourages people to share, to archive and share their files they find. it encourages decentrilised systems, it makes us want to share documents and set up our own stuff and generally live in the hacker utopia i have in my head.


not sure what i wanted to say with this exactly, hopefully you all got the vibe im feeling.

i just want to be able to network with my pals and have it be us, not something run by a tech giant.