Posted on February 26, 2019

people reckon drugs these days are pretty hardcore.

lsd, dmt, the stuff people think of when they think

this is gonna fuark me up in incredible ways

but theyre wrong.

we havent even begun to peak in terms of fukk off trippy shit, not until we get into the realm of narco-algorithms.


currently, the trippiest shit is that which messes with your inputs, stuff that makes you hallucinate, stuff that throws off your sense of balance or your reaction times.

everything today is about how much we can throw out our inputs that we are aware of

and thats why no-one is gonna be ready for the era of narco-algorithms.

concept space

neural networks today operate more or less on the premise of identifying inputs, in a way that we, the programmer, do not need to specify the important inputs.

we might create an ai that can detect chairs, because the ai correctly weighted that whenever it sees something that looks like four legs, thats a point in favour of being a chair.

what if, we as a species, were able to edit the corresponding weights in our brains.

imagine if every single threshold for your brain going “this thing has four legs”, or even more simple things such as “this is the colour im seeing” were all edited by plus slash minus one percent.

it’d be chaos.

not only do you have to deal with a fuarked up sense of the inputs we know about, but all of a sudden were dealing with inputs we didnt even know we had.

there was once a military effort to create an ai that could detect camoflauged operatives.

it failed despite the testing showing one hundred percent success, because the photos with operatives in them were taken on an overcast day, and the ones without were taken on a sunny day.

the ai was simply sorting on a concept that no-one had thought to think about.


youre busy trpping the f out because youre now seeing and identifying everything based on who fukken knows what concepts, and its nothing that the world was even ready for, and hackers in the streets are doing it at raves and secret parties.

the future is soon, with both its upsides and downsides, and years from now well all be tripping out together while the smart people figure out how to hone in on the concept space that allows us to hallucinate real life anime girls, and then all life will end.