Mr Freeze

Posted on July 11, 2019

when i find myself in times of trouble,
mother mary comes to say,
speaking words of wisdom…

im actually pretty cool? yay

the hit vidya game life is strange is something i’ve never played myself and have no intention to but i keep hearing about it from strangers and frens alike.

fun fact about the game is that its actually named after the phrase life is rough soykaf which i and presumably mr life in strange have heard thirty trillion times from a hundred million different people, yup thats right, you hear this thing roughly

import * from answerToMyProblem

times per person.

youre rambling

no im not, im tA and you really should know that.

the point of this is occasionally we all need to sit back, relax and complain about netfuxxs handling of neon genesis evangelion realise something

if i took off that self deprecating persona would you die?

it would be extremely unusual!

you’re a pretty cool guy

u :: [Char]
u = 'u':u

putStrLn $ take 4 u

still rambling

thats because as im writing this im paying most of my attention to programming something that would literally blow fourteen year old tA’s mind wide open.

im busy working on card games that younger me woulda thought was the coolest thing ever.

if younger me could see my computer right now, theyd both have zero clue what they were looking at, and probably think it was the most elegant thing theyd ever seen.

whats the moral of this? surely its obvious

young tA has zero clue what something elegant looking really is

but also

you’re actually much cooler than you think you are.


basically, we’re all too hard on ourselves all the time and we should take a step back and admire the ways in which we’re actually pretty fuarking computers.

no matter how dumbass you think you are, theres always gonna be something that younger you woulda thought was awesome, and honestly, if you stop self deprecating for just a little, you’ll probably find something that current you thinks is pretty radical too.