Posted on March 5, 2019

losing something is finding something else

sometimes things are hard, everythings just so damn tough and it feels like theres nothing you can do about it.

you think back to all the things you lost, everything you let slip through your phalanges, everything you werent or arent good enough to get, and you know what?

it doesnt matter because losing something, anything is just a chance to find something else, to open up a new door, to expand.

theres always some little thing to be happy about, and if there isnt, it just means youre in the middle of finding something new!

and then you gotta start sending positive vibrations out to the world so that maybe youll help someone else find something else too

be excellent to each other

compliment your pals, put up with to make up for having to put up with you, and then thats something new to be happy about, even if its only for a bit.

talk to everybody! its pretty scary sometimes, but being scared every now and then is good, its just a wider range of emotions to feel, because expressing emotions is actually pretty important, and not experiencing different feelings is harmful to the soul.

and you!

even if nothings going your way, that just means youre doing a super job of keeping your cool in between new things, and thats something to be proud of.

pretty much every superhero has an evil arc, or become morally grey, everyone has their down points, but no matter how bad you think youre doing, just by virtue of being alive it means youre holding out pretty well.


communication complete, hope these bits safe travel and that they make it to you in tact. if youre ever lonely, part of my mind lives on in the warmth where these bits once passed, the ghost in the machine.

a pal in the wired.