Starcucks has my Newds

Posted on September 23, 2018

every sunday me and my friends go to starcucks and sit around using their wireless to do linuxy shit. we hang out in irc and shitpost and fuark up our beaten up, “lainpad” and “arisuchan” sticker adorned laptops and do nothing that couldn’t be done from home with only the NSA, my Government and my landlord spying on me.


anyone who’s read my rant on lain knows the we all like to think of ourselves as leet-ass script kiddies who are fighting the man by refusing to update our os’s

the brunt of it is we like pretend we’re in some sorta cyberpunk setting by stealing cafe wireless, and starcucks is the best one to do it from

the holy binary

starcucks fills two main roles

  • its a social place that isn’t our own homes
  • its a corporation so we can be edgy

social places

we are nerds. we are somewhat anti-social (according to us) and very anti-social (according to others) so any activity that gets us out in public is pretty good. we still play cards at the crappy lgs with awful children throwing basketballs until our ears bleed because its not inside our flats.

coming to starcucks is something we can say “we did good today” and staves off the crippling loneliness. score one for starcucks


we’re linux nerds, we like to be edgy and we like to pretend we’re doing anything to fight against the man (even if we’re not). starcucks is something that represents the sort of people we arent, it represents the sort of coporation we don’t want to be a part of, and us doing our cyb shit lets us act lie we’re doing some sort of counterculture thing (even if we aren’t really).

this should be made obvious by us calling it starcucks the entire time (we were edgy teenagers)

its a comfy feeling and it makes me feel nice.

final thoughts

very short post but not too much else to say about it. this post was in fact written at a starcucks and i don’t feel bad about that. life is about the aesthetics

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