It's Just a Game

Posted on October 30, 2018

every day i read up on reddit / masto / 4chan / hackernews / lobsters about my interests, and every day theres one thing that seems to always be the latest controversy.

some. shit. about. vidya. games.

now i love me some comfy vidya don’t get me wrong, but i just don’t understand this.

people care so so so much about the political landscape of videogames.

it’s almost like no-one cares about the actual games themselves, just the controversy they can provide.

i just don’t get it.


everyone seems to be outraged at something, its either representation, or censorship, or something to do with the development pipeline, or dlc, or bugs or whatever. why is everyone so angry?

censorship sucks but i mean, you can live without your anime tiddy games.

lack of representation sucks but just like, play the game?

i don’t understand the people who get pissy at more representation added to a game, looking at you battlefield fan boys.

as someone who bemoans the lack of skinny white dudes in rpgs (seriously i do not fit the build for a jacked up barb) then what harm does it do? anyone who mentions historical accuracy is dumb.

who cares if people want to play anime tiddy games, let them, whatever handles your jandal.

who really gives a shit if someone outside of your political leaning writes expansion to a game you like. siege of dragonspear’s release was a fucking joke and thats what inspired this column.

you have dudes doing vlog posts as if they’re talking about someone suggesting we start implementing eugenics, like who actually fuarking cares that much.

SoD was great i enjoyed it. if you didn’t appreciate the political leaning then just don’t play it, seriously its just a game.

if someone decides to fix the player character to a certain race / gender / whatever then go with it. people want to tell stories, lets let the people tell the stories they want.

if you’re saying that its nothing to do with artistic merit, and everything to do with the developer being a bit of a racist / sexist then heres an idea don’t play the game

seriously i’m just stonkered about this, i’ve seen people get into pretty riled conversations about politics and thats nothing compared to the people who are going on about vidya games as if its written into the geneva convention, as if its something that actually fuarking matters.

news flash

almost all triple a games ever have sucked, every single one has been a soulless mess of board meeting decisions. stop caring so much about it.

play indie games, play older games, play niche games.

appreciate story telling, appreciate artistic merit, appreciate the games that people actually wanted to make, and appreciate how they made them.

or don’t. if the devs an asshole, or you don’t agree with them, don’t play the game.

just don’t act like the landscape of modern vidya is a battlefield worth dying on, it’s just a game

please insert 50c to continue