Joker Meme Dot Em Dee

Posted on June 8, 2020

we all live in a yellow submarine

guys gals and enpals im honestly pretty tired of how life works on this hellscape of a ball we call earth. its depressing and tiring and it seems like theres no end in site unless we all follow the example of our brave troops in the us fighting against the forces of bacon.

great another angsty rant from totalAngstlord

please refrain from giggling at the word society, i have already made a shitty meme about it in both the title and opening quote so we should all have it out of our system right?


the society we live in has become increasingly transactional and boy do i hate it. every single gorram tiny aspect of it, someone over in silicon valley, or elsewhere, have found a way to monetise it, and force it upon everyone through years of propoganda until i cant even go sit somewhere in town and group code with my buds without having to buy coffee.

moreso and moreso, thanks to the forty hour working week, are people relegated to this cycle of; work buy repeat

everyday we get closer and closer to our only interaction within society being one of transactions. you work, you go out to a restaurant, and you pay to be a part of society for the evening.

you work, and you and your friends buy tickets to a sportsball thingo, and you get to be a part of society for the afternoon.

our cultural trends are increasingly transactional too.

you want to be part of society thats talking about the latest capeshit movie? better fork over so you and your friends can go see it.

lmao ur just salty ur broke

well, kinda yeah, nobody on this earth should have to live in poverty and go without actual substantial access to their basic human rights such as food, shelter, medicine, contact with society and so forth.

but on a deeper level, it just feels like its making each of our interactions less natural.

my ability to enter wider society now depends on the house i can afford to live in, the town i can afford to be in.

i need to fund it with the promise of spending hours of my limited life working not to provide my society and those i know and care for with benefit, but in order to make a stranger rich at my expense.

its even worse than that, in order to get a sandwich i need to BEG someone to allow me to work in a modern dictatorship microcosm for such a time that i can “earn” (massive fuarking emphasis on those quotes) what i need to get that sandwich.

its time to stop letting our ability to have meaningful, societal interactions depend on how well we can beg the modern oligarchs to allow us to sell our bodies to them in order to increase their yearly riches.

short post cos im angry and tired and have to send out more resumes begging people to allow me to eat and not be homeless, yada yada yada