Discrimination of Jacket Handedness

Posted on August 18, 2018

a story

i recieved my favourite jacket for my thirteenth birthday. it was a semi-cheap fake leather jacket from a surf shop - which, for whatever reason, was the best place to get a fake leather jacket in my country in the years of 2010-2011 only. i am unsure why.

the important thing about the jacket, among other things, was that it was symmetrical (aside from a single, badly placed pocket on the left breast) - the importantance of this will be made clear by the end of this post.

i wore this jacket for many many years until the fake leather began to completely chip away and i was forced to purchase a new jacket, and, having now my own salary, went for something a bit nicer. thats right, this new jacket had the following features that to my bogan mind were absolutely fizzityucking stellar;

  • real leather (probably)
  • brown leather (so stylish)
  • neato horizontal stitching on the arms (feel like a pilot)
  • a button flap thingy on the neck (assymetrical is neat)

so for the most part i was pretty stoked with this jacket, save for ONE THING

but first! some back-story

there are a couple of important things to note about myself before we continue:

  • i am left handed
    always have been, most likely always will be
  • my preferred medium of transporting my belongings is a satchel
    i cannot walk with balance if i am wearing a regular back-pack

so with this in mind lets talk about the problem with this jacket, which i hope one day someone will take into account.

as a left handed satchel user, i have the strap on my left shoulder

the reasoning for this is somewhat simple in my opinion, this configuration leaves my dominant hand next to the bag part, for which i require the strength to maneuver it when heavy. next upside is that it leaves my more finesse-focussed hand to rummage through said satchel.

a good system if i do say so myself.

the problem:

as this new jacket is asymmetrical, it has a single inside pocket, on the left breast. the aforementioned button flap thingy is also sits near the left clavicle, and these create two main, related problems:

  • i cannot reach into the breast pocket without having to move my satchel strap out of the way
  • the strap pushes the button thingy into my clavicle which is uncomfortable

and both of these things could have been easily prevented had they created a line of this jacket for left handed people, that was mirrored.

closing statements

i will confess, i have not done any research into this topic. they may sell left handed jackets already, they may not. i do not know

what i do know is that the hallensteins i purchased this jacket from, as well as specifically fuarking me over by saying i would not need to sign for the package, and then requiring me to sign for the package, also did not stock any left handed jackets.

time to bounce, keep on keeping on ny’all, and seeya round.