Infinite Songs: A Critique, Critique

Posted on December 19, 2018

hey its ya boy tanthonyAntano here. now i spent a lot of time in the golden age of king gizzard and the lizard wizard fan club facebook page, back in its peak.

one of the topics of debate that kept resurfacing was about the song “mr beat” from nonagon infinity. this song was a tonal shift from every other song on the album, and the fan base was split on whether they liked it or not.

one argument was that in an infinite song album - when each song transitions into each other, and the last song transitions into the first, you need a “pivot point” to act as a time keeping mechanism so that it doesnt all merge into each other.

im going to say my thoughts about how i agree with that argument.


loops, circles, wheels, looping elements revolve around some point of fixture. there are two possibilities; either the wheel is revolving itself, or the point of fixture is itself revolving.

point revolver

in this scenario the song is a concrete wheel, attached to some point in space through its axle.

the concrete is perfectly circle, so there is no change in form if it revolves, the final state is the same, theres no point to revolve.

that means the point of fixture is revolving the wheel.

in order for this there must be some sort of infastructure behind the point, which itself entails people to build and maintain it, and it just goes on and on.

this distracts the listener from the music.

self independant

in this scenario, the wheel itself is outputting some amount of force to revolve. the wheel is concrete and petal shaped, with the corner being heavy.

if the corner is in the air, it will drop and the wheel will move.

at the bottom it has enough force (in this world) to continue up the other side and start the process again.

nothing else needs to exist, so you can focus on the music.


thats why its important that infinite song albums have one song thats a point of difference from everything else.

it makes the album better.

peace out