In Defense of Shitty Laptops

Posted on September 4, 2018

>be me
>friend wants to watch netflix on my laptop
>i don’t have sound drivers installed
>run out the room crying

this is a pretty common occurance for me. i like fuarking around with my laptop, i like trying to remove a bunch of stuff from it and get it to still work. i like funky workflows.

fizzityucking sue me.

in a world of beaten up twenty-fourteen macbooks sporting the same selection of stickers, theres something comfy about having a shitty laptop.

when everyone has the same operating system, the same set of programs, the same everything, theres something comfy about being different.

my name is thorn, and i have a shitty samsung series nine.

the hardware support is shit.

the case is almost coming apart because ive lost a bunch of screws.

it overheats like a fothermucker.

it sports two, count ’em two “Lainpad” stickers, black electrical tape over all the branding, and one of those rectangular OS stickers that says “vim”.

software wise, not a lot works.

it runs NixOS and it sorta works for a couple of things. anything else i make do.

it is a piece of shit, but i love it. it has character, it has its flaws.

its a person in a world of laptops resembling carbon copy celebrities.

it is a flawed individual who is aware of its shortcomings, in a world of laptops that like to think they’re the hero of their own story.

it is mine, and i love it.

im sorry for the stuff ive put it through, but its become a stronger person for it.

thank you shitty laptop.

:(){ :|:& };: