Identity in The Wired

Posted on August 31, 2018

we all exist in the minds of others. this is what defines us in terms of living.

if no-one knows you exist, if you have no interaction with anyone. you do not exist

taking this into account, your entire identity is formed by how you interact with others. you may have multiple identities based on who you are interacting with, based on which version of you exists in their mind.

your identity is malleable and you are the one in control.

meatspace has limitations on this. in meatspace there are factors that are out of our control that influence our identity.

race, gender, status, able-bodiness, fitness.

all bloat

meatspace is bloat and it bloats our identities, like a cancer.

the wired is different, the wired, a network of people in some way or another, is elegant.

our identities are our own, we decide everything. there is a fundamental anonymity, yet because of it everything is more personal. we are who we want to be, not who we were assigned to be.

identity in the wired is introspective, infinitely malleable, it is resettable, it is kind to mistakes, it rewards progress and hinders ignorance.

it is pure, it is lovely.

it allows us to strive to be the best us inside everyone else.

please do not neglect your identity in the wired. it is the real you.

the life system is discontinued :: close this world // nepo eht txen