My Ideal World

Posted on November 21, 2018

… is something that is difficult to think about, but a fun exercise nontheless.

my ideal world, as it turns out, is sorta hipster and also not feasible for anyone to actually live in.

go figure

well get on with it then

lets get some stuff out of the way first


everyone has free access to a room in a house. this is warm and cosy, and has a high speed internet connection, and all the devices you need: A highspeed grunty and lovely comfy laptop, multiple screens and whatnot, whatever you need.


is avaliable with no worry, no need to starve or worry. i have zero idea how this is handled, fuarking magic i guess.


does not exist, working sucks. people who work in this world are doing so out of want to create, rather than financial gain. people aqcuire new things somehow and there is literally no worry about finances at all. who knows how this works, i’m not a financial guy

tech giants

do not exist. computers are a hobby in this world, not a medium for business to work through. learning how to use a computer is your gateway to interacting with the wider world.


computers are rad, to use the local lingo, computers are fuarking computers, and so this world is focussed on all the good bits of computers.

self discovery, self reliance, self hosting.

learning new things is your way to discovering new levels of interaction with people.

using a computer in our futuristic world should be a modern analogue of philosophers trying to discover the human condition.

learning more and more tech should be equivilent to opening your mind and becoming more soulful.

it should NOT be an exercise in having your data stolen and relying on the crappily written software of the tech giants.

it should NOT be frustrating.

it should be a hobby.

in this world, the best thing you can do is share your knowledge and help other people reach the level you’re at.

in this world people are dedicated to sharing what they know, what they enjoy, and creating and contributing to their niches.


do not exist in this world as they do in the real world.

physical relationships hold us back as a species. they are a barrier for moving our consciousness outside of our body, and they are too built into every single action we can take to allow for purity.

relationships in this world are purely mental, and more akin to finding somebody to play against in a game who are as close to your level as you can find.

somebody who is a real match for you.

something pure and unsullied by needs of the flesh.

daily routine

everyone just sleeps as much as they feel. gets up, and begins to create, or enjoy, whatever they want to do.

drug use is encouraged, finding new points to view is the goal.

social activities are fun and should be had.

online activities are pure and should be undertaken as much as possible.

in this world your wired identity is as important if not moreso than your physical identity.

we cannot neglect our wired identities, for that is how we achieve immortality.

final thoughts.

this world will never happen, it will never be.

i wish it could though.