I Have No Life

Posted on May 7, 2019

…and i must work

theres one thing that makes me sad everytime i think about it, and no waiting because we all know what it is its technical debt

tech debt

is seriously the digital equivilent of a plague or a religion.

everyone is so engrossed with all this crappy new tech being peddled to and by businesses, and now everyone in the world has to deal with technology that as based on our workflow fifty years ago, everytime we have to deal with some crappy network protocol with a hundred layers of fixes, everytime we have to deal with slow websites because we need to build upon the last hundred layers of crap we added, everytime we have something permanently built into an OS just to fix a fuarkup.

in the wise words of john cleese:

it makes me mad.

buuuuut, weve talked about tech debt a lot here, so its time to move onto something that ive only talked about a fair bit instead of a lot

meatspace tech debt

drumroll please you know what this is about…

my hands are shaking, sweat is dripping off my brow. i nervously fumble with the cue cards in my hands, before gazing out to the audience and mumbling “m-m-more like uhh, crapitalism amiright?”

thats right folks capitalism is fuarked as ever, and basically the meatspace equivilent of all our mountains of technical debt.

just think for a second, how much our technology has advanced, how much even the crappiest of computers has helped our workflow, and how easy it is to do things that would once take up someones entire job.

yet somehow, not only has the average working week hours stayed the same, in someplaces cough china cough its actually increased, nani the fuck?

just like we have a tonne of technologies that are essentially pointless, all in the name of layering new buzzwords, we have hundreds, of thousands, of millions of jobs that are pointless

hello my names jerry smith and im a Project and Team Developmental Adviser to Management, and Advisement Manager Assistant Specialist

that only exist because we have this big system of business that exists, which, despite it (pardon my french) literally skull-fuarking everything thats good in this world people still are bought into this lie of working being the one true purpose in life.


we are defined by our interactions, our experiences, and our differences to others. we live in a world that is ripe for exploration, people to talk to, get to know, make enemies, live alone, live with others.

we have countless hobbies to explore, to form opinions on, to master, or hate, or ignore.

we have literally endless numbers of things to create, to publish, to share, to hide.

and no-one has the time to do it.

everyone is too busy working 40+ hours per week per the global capitalist agenda, to actually go out and live life, and rather than make use of the huge advancements in technology and automation, we instead just end up doing mork work in the same amount of time, and getting told working hard is the most noble thing we can do in life.

work hard, save some money (not as much as the giants will be earning though), use the tech giants software to distract yourself and collect data, then start a family and raise your children to work hard, collect data, and one day enter the capitalist hell hole that is corporatism.

the really sad thing is that even if some miracle we did manage to automate the essential businesses (agriculture being a main example) then it’d be done by google and collect a hundred million ounces of everything ever on us, and everyone would just be fine with it, and we’re in the exact same place as before.


in conclusion, fuark tech debt, fuark data collection, fuark crapitalism, fuark corporitism, and just let me live my life expanding my knowledge, finding people i get along with, and enjoying what life has to offer, instead of working, thinking about working, and sleeping because i have to get up early for work.

chur pals, sorry for the angry rant today