Hit or Miss

Posted on January 14, 2019


the song “mia khalifa” by ilovefriday, popularised by the perfect woman hit or miss girl is actually a fukken bop.

it also has one line that encapsulates what i feel about the current normie popcap - blatant acceptence of corporate culture, so therefore, its time for a short and shitty blog post, buckle in kiddos.

the setup

they want you at work so girl go do your job

during this part of the song, the singer is talking to the actress mia khalifa about her adult entertainment videos, stating that she should instead go back and do her job, because her work wants her there.

the implication here is that doing her job at work would be the socially acceptable thing to do, rather than making money through the decidedly none visually corporate adult entertainment industry.

the twist

you play with them balls like its fifa, ooh

the twist is that the singer of this song is rather… non-corporate themselves. they are not some suit and tie businessman, and their entertainment persona is someone that, given their state of dress and attitude, would probably not get hired they’re fired, they’re washed up, they’re retired

yet here they are essentially preaching a world where the corporate giants own the common people.

this man is frankly disgusted that mia khalifa would not go do her corporate, nine to five mondey to friday job, and make money for the one percent. this man is disgusted that she would not give up vast amounts of her free time, and inflict large strees and sleep deprevation, all for the sake of ticking off some box that society was manipulated into believing they needed to tick.

the pay-off

is obviously for the big cheesi (cheeses slash cheespode perhaps?) that will benefit from the increased number of workers, to whom they make a profit from.

what does mr ilovefriday gain from this? who knows, nothing but the virtue signalling drivel that is “at least i show up to my job every day”

as the tech giants worsen, so too will the effects of this attitude. amazon and other big tech companies have already begun to implement things such as wrist tracking arm bracelets to ensure none of their workers dare have a second break.

if science made a breakthrough that meant we would need no sleep, instead of having an extra four hours a day to myself, the system would just demand i spend an extra four hours at work, all for the sake of “helping the team”, all for the sake of “increasing the bottom line”

we will create crappy jobs to employ crappy people because business is nothing more than a pissing contest to see which boss can indoctrinate more people.

in conclusion

< i walk up to the microphone, nervously sweating >
< i stutter, and my hands shake, i nervously check my flash cards >

c-capitalism? m-m-more like uhh crapitalism amiright?

if corporatism was my girlfriend, i wouldn't kiss her