Future Creations

Posted on December 16, 2018

i got asked what some of the projects i wanted to work on were, by a very good friend and fellow chippie @vala, so… here we go.

tabletop ruleset / sourcebook

there are two ideas i have for either a supplement for an existing ruleset, or a completely new ruleset, for two of my ideas.

the first was detailed in fuller detail before, and i think would be good as a sourcebook for something more common, like pathfinder or dnd 5e.

all that one is waiting on is the same thing its been waiting on for the last ten years, me to actually spend the time developing it.

the other ttrpg idea is to create a ruleset for the more simple magic or fantasy based universes, the sort of thing that would show the world from things such as The Point, Fantastic Planet, or Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards. hell i guess even the smurfs universe fits.

i think that’d be a really unique ruleset and universe to explore, and encourages a more wholesome roleplay than usual. i think it could be a lot of fun.

server stuff

server-wise i have a fair bit i wanna do.

the first is to scrap and redo my current junk server, which in its time has hosted everything from an imageboard to an irc server to my urbit instance. id like to turn it into a dedicated chat server and use it to host my bouncer, my irc server, perhaps a matrix instance, and get it all running nice and solid with proper encryption.

other than that, im looking into finding a suitable server desktop and jamming a bunch of multi-tb hard drives in there and self hosting whatever i want, perhaps moving some of my cloud based things onto that. it’d be comfy and next year my living situation would allow it. plus ill be living with a fellow chippie so having our own internet-home at our irl home will be neat.

in terms of this blog and other websites, id like to continue adding functionality here as my knowledge of haskell grows, and maybe set up an ipfs version, because im really glad ipfs has gone from being a meme to an actual thing, plus having an ipfs node for people opens that up to a slightly wider audience, and sharing knowledge is our goal in life.

on top of that theres a dumbass bionicle oc site i wanna make for the bionicle dnd campaign that’ll be starting soon, along with some custom bionicles irl to use with it.


i wanna learn more haskell, especially multi-core processing, network sockets, and gui stuff, so i can start writing actually useful things.

id like to create some irc bots at one point, and get some nice stuff into the rebuilt irc server.

id like to learn enough yesod to write an api using haskell, but thats waiting on an idea for that.

outside of haskell i dont really care too much. i wouldnt mind learning erlang or elixir at one point maybe, but haskell is where its at unless i went and learnt hoon or something (btw hoon is for chads)


i need to pack up all my things and get ready to move by the end of the week, and i need to clean up the room so the land lord doesnt yell at me. outside of that im just chilling and hanging around, not too much i think needs to be done outside of work stuff.

i need to read more about ethics and actually decide on an ethos rather than just sitting on the fence. its comfy being in the middle and not participating but its pretty lazy.


and thats it. pretty boring post if you ask me but hopefully someone liked it, im not one of those people that have a bunch of interesting stuff going on. peace out