Fuark Me, I Understood EoE

Posted on July 22, 2020

i am someone who has a brain and free time and thus understood to some degree the text of “The End of Evangelion” as well as “Serial Experiments Lain” but if i said that too the title would have been too long so i didnt.

i wish i did not understand them, or that anno and konaka were shittier human beings such that they didnt write as good things, for reasons that may or may not be clearly stated in this piece.

fuarken say something

i have a brain that is constantly being fed either voluntarily or involuntarily information that it then has to digest, make decisions on and ultimately use or not use for some effect.

lately, its been getting harder and harder to affect the material world with the thoughts in my head, harder to impose my own will on reality and see some change made.

everyday its been getting harder to take thoughts out of my head and actually execute them, and its making me sad tbqhwyf

projects go unfinished, or unstarted, or unloved.

things i know i am capable of doing physically seem like impassable obstacles and theres really nothing i want to do more than lie in a corner all day and not do anything, or try to do something.

outside contact with society is seeming harder and less desirable every day.

whats weebshit gotta do with this

up for interpretation, and definitely with a healthy dose of subjectivity, both shows deal with, either as a main theme or as a side-note;

escapism is bad if its all you do and you should be wary of it

which honestly i want to forget right now, but i cant.

these shows had more of an influence on my formative years then anything else i still hold close to me, and i cant drop those messages, but good (deity of choice) do i want to

world state

everything sucks so badly and i hate it.

the macro world state is looking more dire by the second, and everyday its harder to hold belief that things can get better. if only nihilism wasnt so edgy itd be easier to express without sounding like im fifteen

the micro world state is increasingly confusion and it seems futile to think i will every slot into society in the way that other people i see day to day seem to fit without needing to try

i dont understand the people, i dont understand the systems, everything seems harder by the second

angsty post blah blah

apologies for this, im not sure what the point was, what im trying to say, or whether i said what i needed to.

regardless of that, this is something ive written and as such will be hosted for public consumption like my other shit takes, and if i come to regret it then itll suck to be future me.

watch eoe and lain, and please take to heart their messages. theyre good and probably what you should live by, as i will try to do until it gets too hard and i give up to hermit in my room forever, happy but cutoff.

co’o rodo