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Posted on October 5, 2018

shout-outs to ibagail and grace for todays topics.

Nichijou - My Ordinary Life

i’m a bit of a weeb you should all know this by now. my favourites are neon genesis evangelion, and serial experiments lain, and things similar to those two series.

and also nichijou. nichijou is a slice of life show that is very different to the rest of what i watch. there are a few reasons for this, so lets dive in

un-mitigated animation budget

nichijou in no way deserves the quality of animation it has. it does not have any plot that requires that good animation, and i assume the animators get paid roughly a billion dollars an episode to produce it. its a joy to watch, im not even going to link any videos here because its all good, just look at any crazy nichijou scenes video and you’ll be good.

a simpler time

this one is harder to explain. theres something very, generic about the show, but not in a bad way. the supermarket in the show is filled with milk bottles marked “milk” and there are no brand names dropped through-out the show. advertising is basically non-existent and instead you have just one or two of each thing. you don’t have brands of chocolate, you have “the good chocolate” and maybe “the really good special chocolate” and thats it.

everyone in the show has their own purpose and are happy with that, theres no big doubt or uncertainty outside of meaningless “he likes she likes” scenarios. money is no problem for them outside of wanting nicer things, rather than wanting a place to live

i’ve watched this show high a lot and i always enjoy imagining living in this world. i think i’d really enjoy it, even if my brain has been socialised to live in a world very differnt to that. it’d be worth getting used to.


what’s the deal with airline food?

i actually eat airline food somewhat occasionally whenever i go to visit my father. it’s not too bad but there are a lot of complaints i have.

  • they always have a tonne of plastic and lids and crap that you gotta balance on your tray table until they come collect the rubbish.
  • they’re always really hot and a pain to eat
  • there’s always a bunch of extra stuff like a roll and some fruit and the fruit thing is 90% pineapple anyway

overall im not a huge fan.

where do babies come from?

so anecdotally, people set up a room in the house for a baby, and then a couple of months later theres a baby there. from this i can infer that there is some sort of satanic magic upon which decorating a room in baby soykaf summons a baby entity from some sort of void.

good movies

my top five(?) in no real order but sort of an order

The End of Evangelion

i have seen this movie literally over three hundred times. no joke

The Point

charming little animation narrated by ringo starr, and the best high movie you will ever watch. very happy

Fantastic Planet

a wierd animation that is very fun to watch but a little unnerving. apparently based on a book but i havent read it because i cannot read french.

The Men Who Stare At Goats

i don’t understand the hate for this movie i love it


love the comic, love the movie, the opening montage is perfect

final thoughts

thank you for all for reading and thanks to grace and ibagail for giving me inspiration on what to talk about, love you all.

the fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth