Posted on October 10, 2018

this was written as part of a social goal for the battlecon unleashed kickstarter

please go give it a look and a back! its one of the best boardgames ever made and they deserve every cent

magic was meant to enhance the lives of everyone. it was meant to make peoples lives easier.

in my opinion, we just made everything meaningless.

sure the grandeur is there if you’re a competent mage. if you managed to get into argent and do well then you’re set up for a life of fame.

if you weren’t so lucky, well.

you’re just empty.

every morning i wake up in a dark room. i don’t even bother taking in the surroundings any more. it’d just be putting bay windows on a shithouse.

welcome to the life of one of the underlings. we weren’t good enough to make top mage, we werent smart enough to do the big spells, so now we help those who can.

its not a fulfulling life. i’m not doing any form of work that has meaning.

im doing meanial tasks for someone who probably wouldn’t notice if i skipped doing them.

its that meaningless.

but its all i have.

everyday i consider messing something up. creating an explosion. a planar rift, just to see what would happen.

but this is all i have.

i could really use that holiday.