Dinobot (No S)

Posted on January 13, 2022

this velociraptor can open doors much easier than a normal one

for the uninitiated, Dinobot was (;0;) a character in the 1995 cgi television show Transformers: Beast Wars. T:BW was a soft reboot that was later revealed to be a prequel to the 1984 Transformers cartoon, in which instead of turning into vehicles, the robots turned into animals.

Johann Kaspar Schmidt (more commonly known as Max Stirner) was (;0;) a 17th century German philosopher, most well-known for his philosophy of “the unique self”, commonly known as Egoism, which is a radical extension of the idea that self-interest motivates human behaviour slash moral relativisim. Egoism is consistently and frustratingly mis-represented and mis-understood.

it is my intention to put forth that the character of Dinobot, whether intentionally or not (probably not), exhibits mannerisms i would attribute to Egoism.

some disclaimers

egoism famously employs the word “spook” to describe its unique social construct / non-material force. later in history this word was seperately used as a slur. while i do still use the term, i recognise that i shouldnt, and thus will attempt to use some other word such as “ghost”, “phantasm”, “spectre” etc etc. i will however use adjectives such as “spooky” or “spookify” or “spooked” (i will also probably use the word “spook” as ya girl is too lazy to do a find and replace).

egoism does not make moral judgements, to do so would be against the point of egoism. it is very common to see the claim that egoism means you are “allowed” (whatever that means) to murder people. this indicates to me, a fundamental misunderstanding of the way that words used in egoist discussion are used.

murder is “allowed” in the egoist sense that moral judgements dont exist, they are a phantasm. that is not to say that egoists believe people should murder.

any definition of what egoism “is” is itself a phantasm, and as such my own interpretation (what i will be basing this post off of) should not be taken as gospel, however i think we can all agree its important to make this distinctions explicit, as otherwise ancaps will co-opt yet another cool thing and ill be unable to refer to myself as an egoist without cringing (i will never forgive them for taking the term “libertarian”).

furthermore, Dinobot is one of the few characters to get permanently killed (at least in og T:BW, i have not and dont really care for the new show, which i forget the name of but i saw a dinobot figure so i assume he’s in this show too).

furtherermore, Hasbro have no clue how to name things, and have also named a (more popular) team of transformers as “The Dinobots”. They suck and I do not honour them. neither should you. whenever i refer to “dinobot” in this post and in real life, i am talking about actual Dinobot, unless im talking about how stupid the dinobots are.

on with the post.

first, a quick overview of the plot that dinobot was involved in.

tbw follows two groups of animal robots, the “good”-coded Maximals (the shows equivilent of the autobots), and the “bad”-coded Predacons (decepticons).

early on, Dinobot attempts to overthrow megatron (a different character to regular megatron, but with same name). this fails, and so he attempts to do the same to the maximals. this fails too, however optimus primal offers Dinobot a space on the maximal team, which he accepts.

over the course of the series, Dinobot learns more about the golden disk, the macguffin of the series, and ultimately dies destroying it to keep it out of megatrons hands (in doing so he also teaches early humans how to use tools).


“honour” is a phantasm, its a spooky thing that doesnt really exist, and thus should not be the basis of your idealogy.

however, this does not preclude somebody from “acting honourably” for some self-definition of what it means to act honourably, in fact it may please an ego to do so, as is the case with Dinobot.

Dinobot followed his own code of honour, something that while not explained on the show, is obvious Dinobot has an explicit definition of in his mind.

a key part to this observation, in my opinion, is him taking actions that would not be described as “honourable”, but nevertheless are consistent with his actions.

during his attempted mutiny of the maximals, Dinobot has the chance (due to luck) to kill optimus, but refused to do so, claiming that it would not be a fair fight.

however, later in the show he takes no qualm at attempting mutiny again, and attempts to do so multiple times, even briefly switching back to predacon alliance, as well as being a third party independent in the beast wars.

to me, the defining piece of evidence in egoist!dinobot theory, is how much dinobot seems to understand his actions, he is remarkably consistent, indicating that his internal code of honour is well understood and well defined, and that he follows it (even when disadvantageous to himself or displeasing) not for any religious faith in the idea of “honour”, but because it pleases his ego to act “honourably”

there is less to talk about than i expected

egoism, to me, is an ideology that states it is important to self actualise, and that external restrictions (phantasms) limit our ability to self actualise. placing an “ought” on how we “should” act turns us from “people” (for an extremely liberal description of that term, bravo Lana for geting it right in film).

this does not preclude us from choosing to act in a certain manner, and i would argue doing so is an important aspect to acting in a non-spooky way.

Dinobot as a character found it pleasing and self-actualising to live according to his own, well-defined, code of “morals”. He was fully aware of what it “allowed” and “disallowed” and chose to act in ways that followed this.

The question that once haunted my being has been answered - the future is not fixed, and my choices are my own - and, yet… how ironic! for now i find i have no choice at all. i am a warrior… let the battle be joined!


yeah idk whatelse to write but this is my headcanon and ny’all cant tell me otherwise.

egoism is empowering and i believe something more people should study, but it displeases my ego to have to listen to people trying to claim it means ancaps are cool.

dinobot is my favourite transformer and i am so sad that they’re gone :(