Contrast of Thoughts

Posted on November 28, 2018

heres a bit of an abstract feeling i thought of today that i thought id share with you all.

side one

this side is the bit that tells you not to do something you know you have to do, or to try and do as little of it as possible.

this is like putting vegetables on your plate as a kid, and you wanted to put as little vegetables on your plate as you could, but had to put enough on so that your mum didnt put you in trouble.

side b

this side is sorta the opposite. this side is the bit that tells you in a stern voice

put on as many vegetables as you think you should, and then put more on!

this voice is the survival instinct against getting noticed for not having enough veggies.

the fight

each side has its own incentive to keep puting less / more (respectively) of the thing, so left to their own devices, you would either put on way too many vegetables and it’d suck, or you’d put on no veggos and get in heaps of trouble.

when you have both sides, you end up putting on the right amount because they balance out.


these two voices are actually sorta tangled up in one decision making process and i think thats neat.

chur tu meke for reading :)

i have not eaten a single vegetable today