Posted on November 27, 2018

chippy (ˈchɪpɪ) or chippie
n, pl -pies
a. (esp during the 2010s) a person whose behaviour, dress, use of drugs and technology, etc, implied a rejection of conventional values
b. (as modifier): chippy language.

me and my close friends are part of our own sub-culture. we are not the only ones, but its not often we get labelled correctly.

we do not have a label, and as such “chippy” is what i have decided to call us in the meantime.

chippy. an amalgamation of microchip and hippy.

what is a chippy? what do we stand for? what are we like?.

this is us, this is who we are.


like the hippies before us, we reject our conventional values. however, whilst older values were mostly face value, moral issues, ours are a bit different.

we are all, to some extent, outcasts. we reject the conventional, what we might call “normie stuff”, in favour of our own things.

we are all, to some extent, nerds. we reject the conventional idea of technology, instead preferring to live our own, utopic vision of a technological world.

in a world of pre-packaged “solutions” and corporate controlled machines, we embrace the do-it-yourself of tech, the love of theory, and the pride in having your own setup.

we embrace sharing, to a further extent than normal. sharing something you’ve set up is the reason to set it up in the first place. i eagerly await my friends latest shitty blog post, i give all my friends access to my irc bouncer regardless of if they’ll ever actually use it. my friends all have accounts on my server.

i rub my hands together anytime someone says something i can use as a leeway to introduce them to haskell. my friend looks for any excuse to play his latest song he’s made to us.

we all love it, we all appreciate it.

you don’t have to be good at what you do. you just need to be proud of it.

its a nice community.


our style is our own. we like what we like, and thats good enough for us. we all dress somewhat alternative, thats a bit of a requirement, but to what alternative we dress is up to us.

lots of us like our loose shirts, our baggy jeans, our leather jackets.

some of us like cat ears, others like dress pants, some like wires.

we like our shitty meme shirts, our loud patterns, our quiet colours.

we don’t care much for branding at all.

headphones and tech are a must. we must embrace our digital identity, and headphones and wires let us show that off.

we are odd, we are weird, we are us.


we’re nerds, we like our videogames, our boardgames, our music, our roleplaying. we like computers and tech and programming and neat stuff.

we don’t like AAA games, we don’t like top 40, we’re into our own things.

we like our mary jane, and theres nothing more relaxing then smoking in public with your best friends, and then going home to listen to some psych rock and talk about how good a song “The River” by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is.

we enjoy the vibes of stealing starcucks internet in order to shitpost in irc chatrooms, write a blog post, reinstall an os, and download things.

we enjoy sharing our digital assets. you don’t even need to ask for flacs, you’ll get offered them anyway.

sharing is important.


a lot of us have our issues. a lot of us are depressed, a lot of us have mental issues.

its important to watch out for your friends, make sure they join in occasionally, and also know when its fine to let them hermit for a bit, and instead talk to them online because we as chippies understand that theres nothing lesser about online relationships.

we don’t have plans, we don’t have any huge aspirations, we are not career focussed.

we’d be happy if we had a place to stay, and enough money to partake in our hobbies and have a steady supply of giggle bush.

we are not sex focussed. we like to think we’re above that.

in reality we just havent found a girl odd enough to be a good match for us.

but thats ok, because as long as we have our friends we’re alright.

thots for now

we are our own culture, we take bits of others, the hippie culture, the lain culture, the nerd culture, but we are our own thing.

in a world of having to put on masks, its nice to have a group of people, be them irl or online, that understand what you’re like. having that group be one that appreciates not using masks in everyday life is even better.

i love you all, thank you for everything

you know i can't touch your ghost chips mate