Chad Lebowski

Posted on December 3, 2018

the big lebowski is one of the most accurate representations of real life people ever filmed and im gonna tell you why so buckle up kiddo.

fukken chads

when it comes to stuff, there are the people who are chads at that thing, and the people who arent. this is applicable to fuarking everything. full stop.

now most film universes have a core value system that is different to real life. an action movie hero who goes around beating everyone up really well is a fukken chad, despite that very same person being a psychopath in our world who the government would take out the back and hit on the head with a brick.

in the bionicle world of “the mask of light”, all the toa (with the slight exception of gali) suck, except for kopaka who is a fuarking chaddo because hes the one that fights best, and wins more than everyone else.

gali is sorta a chad too, at least comparative to all the other shitty toa. she doesnt win much but she doesnt lose as much as everyone else so good for her.

real life

in real life, however, we have many many more systems of value. you may be the worlds best beyblades player, and to other beyblades players youre probably a real chad, but that doesnt change the fact that like four people in the world actually play beyblades and to everyone else youre a dumb nerd. but thats ok, because everyone else has their own thing to be chad at.

we’re not limited to one thing we can be a chad at, in the real world.

the movie or whatever

every character in the big lebowski is a chad. this is because, in the movie, every character (except donny) thinks they’re in a different genre movie, as the main character, and add the part. we have all these very very very different characters, yet each one, in their own, niche way, is a chad.

final thots

the big lebowski is a good movie because the characters dont suck. i still think the mask of light is a really good movie, but thats despite every toa except kopaka and gali being useless.

dont even get me started on takanuva in the extended universe, how the writers thought it was ok to let him basically do nothing is beyond me.

i wish i could say i was chad at writing blogs but im not sure, at the very least im the chad of being me :)