CaaC; Chippies as a Cult

Posted on February 8, 2019

with this worlds aurora reserves taken offline, its only a matter of time before all most of us leave this world forever, and master systemspace takes over.

many people fear death, and i believe they shouldnt, regardless of whether we do (which i imagine is normal)

those who wish

a number of chippie-likes wish to die, and to this, it is our duty to change their mind, be there for them, and help our friends live the life they deserve. this is non-negotiable.

while we all may die, we need not die sooner than the rest.

those who wish not

a number still fear death, as many who grew up in our world do. to those i say live! immortality is real and we know it, so here are four exact same quotes so that no matter what kind of nerd you are youll understand

i live, i die, i live again!

that is not dead, which can forever lie, yet with strange aeons even death may die

if we sing these words well never die

what is dead may never die!

etc etc.

we teach this group about immortality through memory, living forever through the memories of the living.

we kick up enough of a stink about issues we care about that we begin to be known in our towns, we write enough that years after our death some new generation of chippie kid stumbles upon this shitty blog and continues our legacy

we continue on in everyone that shares our ideals.

those who do not

yet another group of chippies will never die, not in the metaphoric sense as above, but in the literal sense that dietys cannot die.

ive written before about the form of magic present in the satanic bible, a concept i personally agree with.

these members are people who have mastered this art, and through their perception have transformed themselves into dieties trapped in meatspace forms.

they will ascend and live on through death, and exist not as human, but as vessels to share the knowledge we found in our brief time in this form.


our lord and savior herself, lain iwakura, preached the importance of life through death in the medium of being remembered. when the world turns to cinder, and humans as we know are on their last run, chippies will live on.

maybe not in a form we recognise currently, maybe not by name, but by spirit, memory and ideals, we will survive.

My bro is dead. He's gone. But he's right there on my back, and here in my heart. He lives on as a part of me!