Look at the Sun

Posted on January 30, 2019

blinding so you look away

disclaimer: this applies to non-women also but they’re not the focus of this rant

there are a lot of conventionally attractive women in my city, and the majority of them do nothing for me.

these are not syrup, these are not jund, these are blinding people.


humans are odd creatures. i will admin i do not understand them, regardless of how i try.

each human is flawed beyond measure, we’re flawed in ways we dont even realise we can be flawed in.

i appreciate people who accept this fact.

what i dont appreciate are the people that try to hide it. the faces of the world, the celebrities, the corporates.

the people who are not human.

and that brings me to layer 02


these are the women you see at the types of parties you dont get invited to. these are the women that bullied you in highschool, and these are the women you grew up hearing “thats the sort of girl you want” time and time again.

these women are suns, blinding suns that burn so bright and want the world to know it.

my eyes cannot handle the intensity.

give me a moon, give me an asteroid, give me a nebula.

give me a black hole, give me a space rock.

give me a void.

give me flaws.

give me anything, but dont make me stare at the sun.

because after all….

you can have fun on rainy days too