Bit Boy

Posted on January 22, 2019

people are, at their core, nodes on a network. given free reign and a context that precludes us killing each other, all we wanna do is be like a node on a network.


i was at a party recently, on a variety of different substances, and i stood in the middle of the dance floor, and i planted my roots into the carpet, and connected to the energy of everyone around me.

i closed my eyes and listened to what they had to say, everyone at once, and there was one thing that stood out to me above all else.

given free reign, everyone just talked about who else they knew.

everyone there was just a node reaching out trying to find its place in the network.

nameservers that would climb up the ladder of popularity until they found someone who knew the same people they did, and then they would celebrate.

they would tell stories about how they knew the people they did, they would proclaim how small a world we live in, and that was more or less it.

i myself expanded my database quite a lot that night, and by the time all the energy there was to ingest had been taken, i went home smiling not only because a very attractive girl danced to king gizz through my headphones, but also because id met a lot of new people, which is apparently all humans want to do.

we find who we can, and we broadcast who we know, and we use that to figure out our position in the abstract world of meatspace.

:w !tee % && sudo pkill vim