Birb Box

Posted on January 18, 2019

DISCLAIMER: i have not seen birdbox, nor twelve years a slave.

somewhat ironically to what i assume is the plot of birdbox, every single fukken person has been asking me

bro have you seen birdbox?

and the answer is of course, no, because i havent had internet until yesterday, and also because i dont have a netflix account, and also because i dont really care about it at all.

that being said, its hard to escape the literal endless piles of memes about it. memes so repetitive and soulless that its almost like theres a dedicated bot farm committed to creating and sharing birdbox memes as a form of advertising normies enjoyed the movie and enjoy making shit memes.

bed, bath, and beyond

when its not stale memes im seeing, its everyone circlejerking themselves over the line “survivings not living” as if it wasn’t done a million times better in that one scene from twelve years a slave i assume having only seen that one scene.

survive? i’d rather live! live laugh love!

they all say, and i think thats honestly a steaming pile of horse birdbox

living is surviving

if you’re surviving, then you’re literally set up to get through any immediate challenges you’re expected to face. these may be more dire for others, but no matter what, if you’re surviving whatever your current life sitch slash headspace is then good on you.

it may not be perfect, you may not be happy all the time, but what you’re doing is building actual character and learning to live life as suits you, given the restrictions you’re facing.

you’re literally carving an identity the best you can, flaws and all, it wont be perfect but nothing is.

if you’re honestly trying to live your perfect life then you’re wrong.

that isnt to say you shouldn’t try to strive for the best life you can, but you need to understand that we do not live in a just world. we will have flaws and troubles and nothing will ever work how we want it to.

i just wanna live

DISCLAIMER: i do not understand people, but in this i will act like i do

so the argument i can see for that slogan is basically “i dont want to simply be content with life, i want my life to be a big adventure”

this has never really made sense to me because adventures are really just distractions from your actual life. you go on holiday and everythings different and you come out thinking “that was nice i cant wait until my next one”

then you go to parties and you circle jerk with everyone about how many adventures youve been on im guilty of this to some extent :( and everyone has a big laugh and then continue on blindly wading through their actual life.

final thots

whats the deal with netflix movies? i dont know im not a director, but i dont think ill watch birdbox and i dont really mind just surviving through my life and trying to make the most of it, not in the sense of running from it as much as possible, but trying to change my headspace and environment the best i can to actually enjoy those days you’re just surviving.