Posted on February 1, 2019

bandaids are cool looking

recently ive started wearing bandaids on my finger and toes.

sorta like rings, only one or two per limb, i thought it was really neat, and heres why


rings are super cool, getting good rings in diablo two was a blast, and people who wear rings in public are usually rad.

not everyone can pull off rings though, ive gotten multiple stuck on my fingers before they only really fit into a couple of niches and if youre the sort of person that has a totally unique style then good on you for being radical, but a lot of people cant really wear them with what they usually wear.

anyone can wear bandaids, theyre such a common thing that everyone has some at home, and people put bandaids on any scrape no matter how surface it is, so theyre pretty commonplace, theyre cospicuous enough that people might not notice if someone wears them more often than normal.


a sad fact of the human condition is that many of us feel less than stellar mentally. an important part of that is people need to practice more positive thinking in day to day life. bandaids have a mental picture of healing, which translates to feeling a bit better about taking care of yourself.

having bandaids all the time is like a little stat bonus all the time, so why not take that?


bandaids are also a leet hacker accessory. think the penultimate work of hacker fiction, Hackers (2001), where the level of getup would have happily accomedated multiple bandaids.

think a bandaided, sleeveless singlet mechanic out in borderlandsland, think the resident sysadmin and hacker extroidinaire pal on the ship of the matrix.

think sitting in your mothers garage with a crappy rig made out of spare parts, using the car as a seat to play nethack.

think your shaky arch setup that almost lost you the years uni work, patched together too many times for you to remember.

think any of the scenes in your life that you thought “im a keyboard cowboy, now off to wyldside for some stims bandaids woulda fit.

its free style points so take it.

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im sorry im not doing the irc server or finishing my stuff but at least i got a post out so im not ldar.

bandaids are awesome is what im saying you know it

go forth and be aided

0 :)

theyre like rings but not gay they are symbolic of healing broken things they are reminscient of fixing things ala computer hackery types now go get blazed and come back and finish me off