Posted on February 25, 2019

when i dont have anything to write about, i feel stuck. the point of this blog, or rather, what this blog devolved to very quickly, was to put forward whatever was on my mind that day.

if theres nothing to put forward, im stagnating.

if theres nothing to discuss, im falling behind.

if theres nothing to rant about, im boring.

but if theres too much to write about, then none of it gets the attention it deserves.

its all about balance

the weirdo swarm

one such balance ive noticed in life is the weirdo / normie ratio.

life is more fun when youre a weirdo, you get to talk about cooler stuff, do better shit, im a proud member of the weirdo swarm and for that im not sorry.

but as much as it pains me to say, being a normie has its advantages.

life is a balancing act between doing what we love (being a weirdo) and doing what society (yada yada rise up blah blah) tells us is normal, as such to gain the benefits society has to offer, such as social integration.

header two

balancing between work and play, too little (non-corporate) work and you never grow, too little play and you lose your soul and identity to capitalism.

balancing the want for a spyware free life, with the convenience offered by actually being able to talk to the general population on the interwebs.

balancing the want for solidarity with the need for companionship.


this was a train of thought, bought on by rampant sleep deprivation and a pretty bad bongover, so ymmv, really.

striking this balance is the hardest thing ive ever had to think about. every fiber of my physical form wants to minmaxx all the way to the weirdo side, but i dont fully trust thats a good idea.

hoping you all have an easier time deciding.