Posted on January 30, 2019

i am sitting at my desk at work. there are mugs and cables and bits and bobs and paper and batteries and everything you can name spread across the entire desk.

hair is stuck to my keyboard, there are candy bars ready for lunch, my headphones are to my left, and the old router lies next to them.

i have far too many terminal windows open. i have irc clients and xmpp clients and whatever lesswrong thing im currently reading hidden away in a tab somewhere.

the rest of the room is full of employees doing employee work. they are all pretty neat people. i will miss them.

i run my fingers through my hair. no-one bats an eye. i crack my back, and look at the roof.

i scream, as a burning pain runs through my nervous system.

i scream, as beams of light burst through my eyeballs.

i scream, as i feel my body being torn apart from the inside.

the rest of the office starts screaming, they are screaming because they are scared of whatever is causing me to scream, they are screaming because blood is pooling up on the floor, and the walls, and the roof.

they scream as they begin to smell my charred flesh.

my screaming eventually stops. i fall to the floor, mangled and broken and burnt.

i do not pass out, however.

rather, i stand up, and leave my body behind.

i am no longer bloody and burnt, not this new form.

i am wearing loose white pants, a loose white shirt. at least for now.

i appear as i want to appear, and i want to appear as a diety.

i am glowing, and i am hovering, and i am calm.

i am ascended, and i no longer have fear.

i am powerful, i am wise, i am immortal.

i am me.